Martina McBride lights up the sky

On October 14th, Martina will help turn the Empire State building pink, to help raise awareness of breast cancer. After the lighting, an event titled, Martina McBride: Light Up the Sky will take place. The event is in partnership with Stanford Women’s Cancer Center and includes a VIP invite reception concert and performance. It will be showcased on Clear Channel radio’s websites. More info after the jump.

Martina had this to say about October 14th and this event:

“October 14th will be a very special day to send a collective message of hope to breast cancer patients, survivors and their supporters as we turn one of the world’s most popular landmarks pink. The first time I heard ‘I’m Gonna Love You Through It’ I got chills from my head to my toes. To be able to sing this from such an iconic place as the Empire State Building among breast cancer survivors and their supporters will be an incredibly special and meaningful experience for me. I am excited that the team from STANFORD will be there with me. It is a perfect fit.”

For more information on Martina, you can check out her website at

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