Lauren Alaina Debuts 4 New Songs at FallFest

I had the pleasure of attending FallFest in Lancaster, PA yesterday where Lauren Alaina performed 4 songs from her upcoming debut album, “Wildflower” which hits shelves next tuesday. She sang “Georgia Peaches,” “Eighteen Inches,” “Funny Thing About Love,” and “She’s A Wildflower.”

She opened her set with “Georgia Peaches,” an upbeat and sassy song that was written by Blair Daly, Mallary Hope, and Rachel Proctor. The song fits Lauren perfectly, and would be an excellent second single choice.

“Eighteen Inches” is a heartfelt song, in which Carrie Underwood was a co-writer on. The song has great lyrics and is perfect for Lauren’s voice.

“And basically what it talks about, is how boys are never on the same page as me” is how she described “Funny Thing About Love,” which she co-wrote on herself. She closed her set with “She’s A Wildflower” – “If you know anything about me, you probably understand why I named my album Wildflower. That is a pretty good description of who I am,” Lauren said, just before performing the song.

Check out the videos below of Lauren’s new songs:

Georgia Peaches:


Eighteen Inches:


Funny Thing About Love:


She’s A Wildflower:


What do you think of Lauren’s new songs? Don’t forget to pick up your copy of “Wildflower” on October 11th!


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