Kellie Pickler New Album Date!

Kellie Pickler. photo credit: Sony Music Nashville.

Kellie Pickler announced at the Grand Ole Opry that she plans to release her new studio album “100 Proof” on January 24th, 2012. While she doesn’t have any idea of what her next single will be from the album, she does know that one is coming soon.

Kellie’s new album will showcase a different side of the former American Idol contestant after working with a whole different producer team this time around. She tells that she discovered who she was as a songwriter. She wrote a song called “Mother’s Day” on her new album with her husband Kyle Jacobs that she compares to her hit “I Wonder.”

“That was my story from more of a younger perspective. ‘Mother’s Day’ is the woman singing the song … I think when people hear that song, that’s going to be when it clicks and people are going to go, ‘Wow, she’s not the little girl on ‘American Idol’ anymore. She’s a woman now. It has been a little tricky transitioning into the adult.”

I’m excited to see this new “mature” side of Kellie, are you? What do you want to hear from her this time around with her new Nashville producers?

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