Hip Hop Artist Wants To Battle Toby Keith

I don’t know about you, but Toby Keith is one of the men of country music that I wouldn’t want to mess with. That isn’t stopping hip hop artist Carlton Zeus from picking a fight with the Showdog-Universal boss. Zeus claims that Toby stole his idea for “Red Solo Cup” from Zeus’ “Sharpie Solo Cup.” Zeus made a YouTube Video Blog about how fans are contacting him about the similiarities in the song and music video. I can’t wait for Toby’s reply.

See Zeus’ Vlog HERE. Then watch Toby Keith’s hilarious music video for “Red Solo Cup” below. What do you think? Does Zeus have a legitimate claim or is he trying to cash in on Toby Keith? We’re team Toby!

One of my favorite YouTube comments on Zeus’ video blog about the song:

“Maybe some day? this Toby guy will get famous like Zeus is and he wont have to steal concepts. Personally, I dont see how anyone could stand listening to Toby’s drivel anyway.”

If only Toby Keith was famous like Zeus…

Toby’s new album “Clancy’s Tavern” is out October 24th. Maybe the two of them can meet on National Mezcal Day on October 21st.

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