Exclusive: Interview with Kingston

What have The Carter Twins been doing since they released their debut single, “Heart Like Memphis,” on March 16, 2009? Well first off – they changed their band name! Zach and Josh Carter are now known as Kingston, and are currently in the studio making some much awaited new music! Check out our recent interview with them where they talk about their name change, when we can expect some new music, their appearance on The X Factor, and their prom proposal with Lauren Alaina!

1. What made you decide to change your name & what is the story behind picking “Kingston?” 

A: Honestly, We just felt that this was a natural evolution for us!! We like to call it Carter Twins 2.0. And as far as the story behind the name.. Zach was driving through a town called Kingston Springs TN and just thought it was a cool place and called me and was like, Hey what about Kingston for our new band name. We loved it and loved how it skewed a little older and just fit perfectly with the new music and image! 

2. When can we expect your full album?

A: We are currently in the studio right now and working on that!! We know that that is a vague answer, But its coming along great and we are super excited for everyone to hear it! Stay tuned!!

3. A lot of fans have been asking us to ask you if there is a place where they can purchase some of your music?

A: When we finish the music..which should be here in the next month or so it will most likely be on itunes and other sources!

4. Who was born first? And did you ever play tricks on your parents growing up by pretending to be each other?


A: Well… the first born was Josh! And we never played tricks on our parents but we did on our teachers! They learned very quickly to separate us.


5. I see you recently tried out for the X Factor! Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

A: We can not say much about X Factor right now… But we can say that it was a great experience Simon, Paula, Nicole and LA Reid are great people and we enjoyed working with them!

6. Who would be your dream artist to open for on tour?

A: We would love to open for Brooks and Dunn when they come back for a reunion tour!! They have had such a great career and would love to have the longevity that they had!

7. Some favorites…
• Favorite pastimes besides music?
• Favorite iPhone apps?
• Favorite Bible verse?
• Favorite hangout in Nashville?
• Favorite artists outside of country music?

1. Josh – Favorite pastime is Golf by far!
     Zach – Hanging with friends or hiking!
2. Josh – I have a surfing app on my phone and its amazing
     Zach – Hipstamatic!!
3. Josh – Bible verse is Philippians 4:6-7
     Zach – Psalms 46:10
4. Josh – Taproom in 12 South!
     Zach – Same.
5. Josh – Love John Mayer his songwriting and guitar playing are amazing!
     Zach – Andy Grammer!!

8. Lauren Alaina said yes to going to the prom with both of you! How did you find out about the prom thing? Would you consider writing or singing with Lauren in the future and were you fans of her on American Idol?


A: First off that was so amazing that she said yes to us!! We had heard about the prom thing and just thought, Well if Hunter is too busy then we will take her!! We would love to collaborate with Lauren in the future she is such a talented girl! Also, we were absolutely fans of Lauren on Idol so for her to have that reaction to us was great!
9. What is a typical writing process like for you guys?
A: We’d have to say the writing process is like a melting pot. We say that because Zach will have a cool melody and I will have the guitar part and then we figure out what the songs feels like it should be about then we wright the story around it!


Check out Zach and Josh’s great harmonies in this recent cover of “Sparks Fly” by Taylor Swift!


Want more from Kingston? You can check them out at their website: http://kingstonofficial.com, tweet them at @WeAreKingston, and like them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/wearekingston. You can also text them at (80K) ING-STON…they really answer!
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