EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Howie D

Howie D might be better known as a member of the Backstreet Boys, the top selling boyband in music history. He’ll be releasing his debut solo album “Back To Me” on November 15th. Howie took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us and tell us why he loves Canada, country music, what songs he think could cross-over, and why he’d love to have a crossover song on the country charts one day. Check it out below and see if your questions made the cut!

Were you more nervous or excited making an album by yourself without the rest of the Backstreet Boys?

I always put high expectations on any album I am creating. There are so many emotions that I had to tackle by myself on my solo record that I really feel I have grown a lot and I am very thankful for the experience Backstreet has given me to be able to do this.

“Back To Me” has been a few years in the making. What can your fans expect from the album, and will there be any surprises?

I hope to surprise my fans with this album as I have really put my heart and soul into it. It definitely showcases a variety of music that has inspired me as an artist.  My fans are finally gonna get a chance to hear my full range of vocals and creativity that I had with making this album.

“Back To Me” has a few genre-blending tracks. Do you feel like there’s anything on there that has some country flavour to it

I feel like my second single Lie To Me has an underlying country flare to it.  It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.

You co-wrote a few songs on the album, even one with fellow Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Where do you get your inspiration from when you’re writing?

Writing comes to me in many ways, sometime I am inspired by a track and sometime I get a title or thought in my head that inspires my lyrical choice.

You’ve always had a love for the Canadian music scene, and manage a few Canadian acts. How did that come around, and what is it about Canadian music that you love?

I have always had so much love and respect for Canada because they have not only embraced BSB but also have supported me in my choices of artists in Canada that I am managing.  I have a Canadian partner that I have known for years and we share the same love of music and respect for talented new musicians.  I really do believe there is a lot of talent in Canada and feel our management company 3Street is blessed to work with such great artists.

Quite a few pop artists have released singles on the country charts (Kelly Clarkson, Natasha Bedingfeld, even Justin Timberlake). Is that something you would ever consider?

I would love to release a crossover song into the country market. Especially after presenting at the CCMA’s, I really have a new found respect for so many of the country artist here in Canada.

Besides the lead single “100,” what are your favorite tracks from your album?

I am very proud of the album as I took my time to craft it the best I could. Besides “100,” some of my favourites are “Lie To Me,” “ Way To Your Heart” “Just What I Needed”, “Stay” and “Over My Head.”

Howie D will release his solo album “Back To Me” globally on November 15th. His lead single, “100” is currently getting airplay on major top 40 pop stations across the United States and Canada. He’ll be joining Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale tour in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia.

What do you think about Howie D ever going country? Would you love it?

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