DVR Alert: Hunter Hayes Getting GAC Special

Hunter Hayes will star in his own GAC-tv special “Introducing: Hunter Hayes” on November 1st at 10 pm EST. The show will highlight Hunter’s 17 year career, (he’s almost 20 years old!), never-before-seen pictures, family interviews, musical mentors and music executives.

“When I was young my parents noticed me taking a liking to music, “ Hunter said. “Music was my soccer game, it was just what I did. I think I started so young, I didn’t know what nervous was. As I started to grow up I started to take in a lot of different music, primarily Country,” Hunter added. “I was playing music long before I was writing it. I think I started writing it because I got tired of playing everybody else’s stuff and wanted to say my own thing.”

Hunter learned to play music before he could read. He joined a band as an accordion player when he was four years old, and the set list had to be drawn pictures instead of words since he couldn’t read.

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A 26 year-old Canadian girl currently living in England for a culinary career. Fell in love with country music and cooking at a young age, and looks for a way to do both.