Carrie Underwood Attends Fundraiser Hosted By Jeff Foxworthy

Lets play a game of “Six Degrees”, shall we?

Okay, so Carrie Underwood attended a fundraiser last night hosted by Jeff Foxworthy for Rocketown, which is a Christian-based hangout in Nashville. But, she wasn’t there for her benefit. That’s where the six degrees comes in. She was there with her hubby, Mike Fisher, who is a player for the NHL Nashville Predators. The Predators’ head coach is best buds with a manager for Michael W. Smith, who is a big supporter of Rocketown. Hope that didn’t give you too much of a headache!

Carrie and her husband wore matching plaid shirts and jeans in support of the Redneck Rally for Rocketown-hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, of course. Carrie kept a low profile, quietly autographing event programs for the few folks who asked. That didn’t stop auctioneers from trying to entice her to buy items for the charity.

When a 1957 T-Bird made it onto the block, the auctioneer gestured toward Carrie and said, “Wouldn’t that look good in a country music video?”

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