REVIEW: Jason Aldean “Tattoos On This Town”

Jason Aldean gets a lot of milage talking about the dirt roads that represent where he grew up. It started with the excellent “Dirt Road Anthem,” and the trend continues with “Tattoos On This Town,” which kicks off with a chugging, hard beat before bursting forth with a full band. The song’s driving rhythm and well-placed electric guitar part make it an amped up track, perfect for driving around the very type of town Aldean is singing about.

The song is a more PG version of the sometimes slightly naughty “Dirt Road Anthem” and speaks to the sweet memories that become intertwined within the fabric of any town as its residents live and grow. Comparing tattoos to memories is a fitting analogy and the idea creates a nostalgic concept that instantly allows listeners to recall their own favorite memories. While Aldean sings of racing pickups and rope swings, my mind goes to hanging out at the movie theatre and working on high school musicals.

“Tattoos On This Town” isn’t as instantly catchy as “Dirt Road Anthem,” nor does it showcase his voice as well as “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” a vocal tour de force duet with American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, but it’s a solid third single and one that fans everywhere will be able to connect to.

How do you connect with the song? Let us know in the comments!

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