Review: Blake Shelton “Footloose”

“Everybody cut footloose…”

As you already know, the remake of the iconic 1980’s movie, Footloose, hits theaters on October 14th. Country music star, Julianne Hough, stars in the female lead role.

Last month, the soundtrack song list was revealed adding several other country artists to the project. Leading the way is country music superstar, Blake Shelton, who will be the new voice of the movie’s classic title song. The track, “Footloose”, was originally made famous by Kenny Loggins and topped the U.S. Billboard charts almost three decades ago.

Shelton’s remake hit the web this week. Whenever something as iconic as “Footloose” is remade, whether it be the song or the movie, you can bet it will receive some scrutiny. Shelton stated via twitter that the response to the song has been ‘polarizing’ with people both loving and hating his version.

Well, I fall on the side with those who are very happy with Shelton’s cover. He remains true to Loggins’ original version, but provides a fresh sound adding his own fun-loving charm and top-notch vocals. To me, Shelton has a voice that has an ability to draw you in. With a song as representative to 80’s pop culture as “Footloose”, you needed someone like Shelton to take over the reigns from Loggins. Shelton had some big boots to fill, but he certainly did the song justice and I am pleased that he will be the one to revive “Footloose” for long-time fans as well as introduce it to a new generation. I think Shelton has another hit on his hands.

Potential: 4/5
Rating: 4/5

You can listen to the song below. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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