Rascal Flatts Album News!

Rascal Flatts. photo credit: Big Machine.

The boys of Rascal Flatts are as hard at work as ever this week. Jay DeMarcus took to his Twitter account to post pictures of the boys with the team in the studio and also answered some fan questions on the new record they’re working on right now. The three members will be producing and writing some of the songs on their own this time around.

Jay Demarcus: Another day tracking with the Flatts!!! New album comes out next spring!!!
JayDeMarcus: “@CourtneyyAnn: @JayDeMarcus ugghhh that’s so far away” Well worth the wait, I promise…
JayDeMarcus: “@FlattsFan4Gary: @JayDeMarcus u guys doing different stuff with this new album?” We are producing a few of the songs ourselves this time!!
JayDeMarcus: “@laughandlove23: @JayDeMarcus have you guys written some yourself?” yes, several…
Jay also goes on to say that there is no title yet this early on in the project, but that it’s expected to be released Spring 2012. What do you want from their new album if you had your way?

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