Killian Morgan is a twenty-two year old singer-songwriter who has a fresh sound and a killer voice. She had a contract with a professional ballet company and was on track to have a professional dance career when she realized the playing her guitar and writing music is what made her the happiest. The result was that she left behind a career of dance to be able to pursue the world of music. She’s a sweet soul and hopeful we’ll get to hear big things from her someday. I was able to do a short interview with Killian about how she feels about her music and who some of her influences are.

 How would you describe yourself as an artist?

 I would have to say “passionate”.  I am passionate in the way that I live my life, and that extends to my music, as well.  I hope that as an artist, I reflect that passion, both through my songwriting and my performances.  As far as my sound or style as an artist, I guess I consider myself a contemporary country artist (with a little grit) who has firm roots in folk and traditional country music.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Like all kids, I believe I am a reflection of my family’s eclectic musical tastes.  My dad was an acoustic guitar player who was very influenced by artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor and even John Denver.  There is definitely also a strong folk music influence, as well:  from celtic to bluegrass. I am all over the place!  As far as popular artists go, Miranda Lambert, Fleetwood Mac, Alison Krauss and again,  there is no one like James Taylor :)

You gave up ballet to play guitar and write music. Do you ever think back and think about doing things differently or are you happy with your decision to play music?

Never.  Music is the reason that I found satisfaction in dance.  As I grew older, that realization began to crystallize for me.  Music feeds my soul in a way that dance never did.  There are times, when I miss it, of course, especially the performances, but I don’t regret the decision to change focus.  I reached the goals that I had set for myself in that area and wanted to extend myself, artistically. There is nothing I love more than music. 

 Where’s the one place you would love to perform?

I would love the opportunity to play in the United Kingdom,  or more specifically, Scotland; I have always felt a profound connection with the people, the country and the land.  It truly is my  favorite place on the planet.
Who is your dream duet partner? Touring partner?

Danny Elfman. I have always loved his voice ever since my first introduction to him in Nightmare Before Christmas.  My mom tells the story that he was my first crush, (well, his voice as Jack the Pumpkin King.)  I told everyone that I was going to marry him.  Actually, I still have a crush on the skeleton and his voice just melts me.  Probably not who you were expecting!

Where does your songwriting  inspiration stem from?
Song writing is always easier when there is something “tugging” on me, or not quite right in my life.  Sadness brings a great stream of inspiration; I pull from those experiences.  I enjoy writing upbeat, or happy songs, but for some reason, that is much harder for me.  My songs are all very personal: they are my version of a personal journal.

Have you ever been to Nashville? If so, what is your favorite thing about it?
No, I have never been to Nashville.  I would love the opportunity to get to visit and feel the collective musical creative energy that must exist in the city.  I am hoping to take a trip in the near future. 
Out of all genres of music, why country?
My music comes straight from my heart, and in my opinion, country music is the genre with heart.  It is the musical home for my brand of heartbreak, happiness, encouragement, fear, and love.  Country musicians are the modern balladeers; they get to tell the stories of life.  There is nothing that means more to me then when someone hears one of my songs as says, “I was moved by your song.  It really hit close to home”.  I believe country fans are the ones who are “listening”.  I love the honesty and passion in the music and the fans.  It is music that hits me where I live.
To find out more about Killian and to check out her music, go to her website at www.killiansmusic.com. You can also find her on Twitter and Youtube. Check out her cover below of “Landslide.”

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