EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Brian Curtis from Curtis & Luckey

Curtis & Luckey are a country music duo with a fresh take on country music. The pair are a refreshing sound offering a free download of their new album on their official site. They’ve started giving back to communities in Texas where at each tour stop they make, they donate lightly used instruments to the local children and teach them how to play the instruments. They’re out to change the Texas music scene and they’ve started in the right direction! We had the chance to interview lead singer Brian Curtis by e-mail last week, and we discussed playing country music in Japan, why it’s so important to get children involved in music, and what it was like to hear themselves on the radio for the first time.

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You found a way to play country music in Japan. How hard was that to break in and play?

It wasnt so much “break in” as if was “fall in” for me. The country world over there is a very defined niche. I was actually working over there for 1 year teaching English as a foreign language right after I graduated college. I was looking for some activity outside of work to really get ingrained in the culture there and came across a Japanese country band seeking a lead singer. One thing led to another, and after an audtion or two I was selected as the new lead singer for a 10 person Japanese country band. Steel guitar, two fiddles, bass, 2 to 3 guitars, keys – man, they have all the instruments and play music like clockwork. We played Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto and I still fly over once a year to perform with my good friends in Japan.

You donated your album along with cigars to troops serving overseas. How did that idea come up?

We were actually approached by La Palma Cigars based in Denver, Colorado. They saw us perform at the Grizzly Rose in Denver and spoke to us after the show about Cigars to the Troops and the idea of pairing up with the cause. After learning more about it, it seemed like an absolute fit. Anything we can do to support our troops overseas, we are game. Now we are officially partnered up with Cigars to the Troops and sending over our music along with the Cigars to soldiers serving abroad. You can find our more at www.cigarstothetroops.org

Congratulations on the success of your single on the Texas music charts. What was it like hearing yourself on the radio for the first time?

Very cool…and its awesome every time to be honest. We always get excited when we hear it. The first time was very surreal – more than anything it was validation that we are doing the right things in getting our music heard. Cause its truly radio playing us and the loyal country fans that make our career and dream possible. But yeah – each time we hear our songs on the radio we get fired up about it. Luckey and I write all of our songs, so we have a very personal attachment to them and simply want them to be heard and truly listened to by country fans.

You started a charity dedicated to donating lightly used instruments to children in the tour stops you make. How did this idea come around? How has the reception been?

In Dec 2010, before heading out on tour for the year, Luckey and I were speaking with our band about goals, both short and long term, both musically and professionally, and together we agreed that our music wasn’t only meant for those patrons and country music fans that frequent the clubs, festivals, fair and other typical venues. The conversation unfolded and we spoke about the power of music, the healing element, who we could reach with music and the idea of Music Miracles Foundation was born. Right then and there we made it our mission to visit as many Children’s Homes as possible across the United States and share our time, our music, and ourselves with children that have removed by the state for various reasons – be it abuse, neglect, etc. The reception has been awesome. The kids love it, staff love it, we love it – its a win win for everyone involved, truly is. Check out the link for more info and photos – www.musicmiraclesfoundation.com

How important do you think it is to introduce children to music?

Music heals. It is therapeutic and very powerful. Important – yes, we believe having music in your life is a good thing. Whether you are playing, writing, or listening, music gives an outlet of expression.

What is it about country music that attracted you to it?

Myself, Curtis here – the lyrics and the space. Lyrically I connect to country music. Those country hits, both old and new where the music and lyrics sync up perfect, when they match each other – it is something special and is rather rare. But in country you can find it. In country you can crank it up and have fun or write a truth-telling gut wrenching ballad. I like that space to be creative and perform and write different kinds of songs.

If you could pick any one artist in history, country or non-country, to work with, who would it be?

Curtis – Frank Sinatra, but if you ask me tomorrow it might change. I have a handful of influences that I would love to work with – country and non-country. I am on a Sinatra kick right now cause I was recently reading about his career and crazy lifestyle during the Rat Pack hay day. Working with him would be legendary in addition to partying off the stage. That would be just an unreal from what I have read. So yeah, I am going with Sinatra today.

If you had to describe your sound to people not familiar with you, how would you describe it?

Rockin’ Country – that being said however, Luckey and I both have various influences and it really shows in our album. I really enourage listeners to give the CD a listen from front to back to really get a feel for what we do. Again, we write our songs, so we have a lot invested in our music and its a very personal thing to us. Overall, our CD really gives you a ride of emotion from party to patriotic to feel good to ballads – give it a listen. You can download our FULL ALBUM for a limited time FOR FREE at www.curtisandluckey.com/download Tell us what you think about our music on Facebook – www.facebook.com/curtisandluckey

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