Chat Live With The Oak Ridge Boys Tonight!

The Oak Ridge Boys.

The Oak Ridge Boys are planning to live chat and Tweet with country music fans tonight to celebrate the release of their new album “It’s Only Natural.” Hosted by Jessica Northerly, the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry will participate in the All Access hosted chat tonight at 8 pm CST. To join the chat, fans can tweet using the hashtag #CMChat and joining the chat room at  Northerly has been recently named one of the most powerful women on Twitter.

“I have been an Oaks fan since I could remember. Getting to know them through Twitter is one of the greatest things about Twitter. The platform allows stars to engage with their fans unlike any other medium. I am looking forward to celebrating their big day with them.” – Jessica Northerly

 “It’s Only Natural” is being sold exclusively through the Cracker Barrel music program. The album features a re-recording of “Elvira.” For the full tracklisting, click the “read more” button. 

1.     What’cha Gonna Do? (Steven J. Williams, Wil Nance & Sherrie Austin)
2.     True Heart (Michael James Bruce Clark & Don Schlitz)
3.     Before I Die (Woody Mullis & Trey Matthews)
4.     Gonna Take a Lot of River (Mark Henley & John Kurhajetz)
5.     No Matter How High (Even Stevens & Joey Scarbury)
6.     The Shade (Shane Decker & Troy Jones)
7.     Elvira (Dallas Frazier)
8.     Louisiana Red Dirt Highway (Vernon Rust)
9.     Beyond Those Years (Troy Harold Seals & Eddie F. Setser)
10.   Wish You Could Have Been There (Steven Dall, Casey Marshall & John Kennedy)
11.   Lucky Moon (Mark Wright & Doug Johnson)
12.   Sacrifice…For Me (Joe Bonsall)

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