REVIEW: Eric Church – Drink In My Hand

Eric Church is as close to Outlaw country as you’re really going to get these days. The rough-around-the-edges singer wanted to do things a little differently this time on “Chief” compared to his last effort on “Carolina.” He’s not an artist that worries about recording the most mainstream or radio friendly music, and his success is almost identical to that of Jamey Johnson – by word of mouth and by people looking for real country music. So how does an artist like Church make a party song still sound credible without throwing away his image? He figured that out with “Drink In My Hand.” The follow-up single to “Homeboy” is actually a lot more radio friendly, but still a great song.

Church isn’t someone that will record the songs that will guarantee him sales, fame, or numbers. Throughout his career, he’s always recorded the material that he feels is close to who he is and is something he can be proud of singing years down the line.

“Drink In My Hand” is a lot more lighter of a subject than some of his previous releases but it’s still Church. He co-wrote it with Luke Laird and Michael Heeney. It’s a groovy little song that is sure to be a hit for Church, who met up with his songwriter buddies after a concert and were inspired by the fans drinking in the audience that night. While the song doesn’t cover much that other drinking songs in country haven’t already, that doesn’t take anything away from it at all. It’s hard for an artist to get the atmosphere from a live show packaged into a studio recording, but he comes close on this effort. The song is sure to be huge live, and will be the obvious crowd-rallying song at his concerts.

The single has a high re-playability to it, and doesn’t get old fast. It’s catchy, smooth and has the potential to be an anthem song for the rebel singer-songwriter. He’s having fun on the track, but he still sounds like someone you don’t want to mess with. It’s a smash in the making, and there’s no way it doesn’t become a top-five for the North Carolina native, even potentially becoming his first number one single. It’s a solid choice for a release from a solid album. It’s a song that gets better with each listen. The only thing that bothers me about this song is how similiar it is to something that Luke Bryan would release… but with more guitars.

You can get “Drink In My Hand” right now from his new album “Chief.”


RATING: 7 out of 10
POTENTIAL: Top 5 Mediabase hit

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