Justin Moore’s Ticked Off

Justin Moore. photo credit: Valory Music Co

While Justin Moore is usually one of the nicest, funniest guys you could ever meet in country music, someone must have said something wrong to him last night on Twitter. The Arkansas native lashed out at a Twitter user named “CruiseRadio” over something they said to the “Outlaws Like Me” singer. Warning: there are some cuss words in these tweets.

@JustinColeMoore:  @CruiseRadio go fuck yourself.
@JustinColeMoore:@CruiseRadio you’re welcome to come back to my bus and discuss of you want. It has a razorback on the side. Come on back dickhead…JM
When asked if it was the real Justin Moore posting these tweets, Justin replied to a fan:
@JustinColeMoore@RandyHolbrook it is. I don’t take kindly to being called gay. I, also, don’t take kindly to skynyrd to being called gay.

Any questionable tweets from last night from the user must have been deleted. The only mention of Justin Moore from “CruiseRadio” is this FourSquared location of him being at the concert. Here’s guessing CruiseRadio can’t “Bait A Hook:”

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