The Dirt Drifters Have A New Way To Prank Your Friends

Looking for a way to keep yourselves amused on a long road trip? Or just have nothing better to do? Warner Brothers Nashville recording artists The Dirt Drifters have you covered. The game, called Kovert Karaoke, is pretty simple but pretty fun. Here’s the rules from lead guitar player Ryan Fleener:

STEP 1: You get your iPod and pick out a song.
STEP 2: You put the headphones on a buddies head!! (They don’t get to pick the song or know what’s coming.)
STEP 3: That person has to sing that song to the best of his or her ability and as loud as possible!
STEP 4: Sit back and laugh your butt off!! We haven’t laughed this much in forever!!

The band shows you how to do it in the first episode of Kovert Karaoke. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s pretty good.

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