Just A Couple of Parting Gifts for Brad Paisley

Its not uncommon for artists to exchange gifts at the end of a long tour. Kenny Chesney gifted Dierks Bentley a shiny boat when he opened for him. This is completely normal. So it would come as no surprise that Brett Eldredge, who served as opening act on Brad Paisley’s “H2O II: Wetter & Wilder” Tour, would gift his summer boss a nice car in appreciation for having him along. Or did he? Click the “read more” tab and judge for yourself!

On Paisley’s last US date in Columbus, Ohio, before his tour leaves for overseas, Eldredge noticed that Brad’s car of choice was a Chevy Corvette and a shiny red one of these was parked next to his bus. He thought that Brad needed a newer, brighter replacement, so he had his car removed, and replaced it with a yellow, child-sized Camero, complete with a “Paisley” license tag. When prankster Paisley noticed that he had been pranked himself, he congratulated Eldredge with a handshake on a job well done.

This isn’t the first prank of the tour for Brad. The previous day, Brett’s fellow tourmates, Eden’s Edge replaced Brad’s West Virginia bus mat with one of their own, which was imprinted with an Arkansas Razorback from their home state. In return, the next day, Brad took the replacement mat, thew it down on the concrete, soaked it in gasoline and set it on fire, with Eden’s Edge watching in amusement.

You can catch Brad Paisley next Wednesday, August 17th, in London on the first stop of his World Tour. His US Tour will continue September 9th, with a stop at the 1-800-Ask Gary Amphitheater in Tampa, Florida.

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