Toby Keith Releases Surveillance Video of Robbery

Toby Keith is on the lookout for a thief who stole money from his Belmar Golf Club in Norman, Oklahoma on Wednesday, July 13th. Keith is offering a reward for the identity of the robber. He was not at the club at the time of the crime.

An unidentified male approached the register and grabbed an unknown amount of cash before exiting the property. He was unnoticed at the time. Surveillance cameras later caught the individual and the videos have been distributed to local news outlets to air to the public.

“We are concerned that this individual came in the middle of the day for an opportunity of easy money, and we wanted to get the word out that there is no such thing as easy money here at BelMar Golf Club,” said Jenni Kennedy, BelMar’s membership director.

Keith was the one who asked staff to go public on the robbery in hopes that the public would help them out in finding the criminal. Staff believe the individual was desperate and needing some fast, easy money. Keith wants his members and staff to feel safe at the golf club which is why they are trying to find out who did it.

To see the surveillance video click the “read more” tag. 

Video courtesy of Channel 9 News website.

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