REVIEW: Craig Morgan – This Ole Boy

Craig Morgan is releasing his first single from his new home, Black River Music Group. “This Ole Boy” is a fun little song that’s a big step up from his previous release of “Still A Little Chicken Left On That Bone.” It’s not going to be a number one single by any means, but it should shoot Morgan back into the top 20 on the Mediabase country singles chart. It’ll be interesting to see how his new label will handle this single.

Morgan’s always been a bipolar kind of artist. He can come out with moving singles with great vocals like “This Ain’t Nothing” or release singles that make you wonder what happened to that voice. He’s never been as successful as he is talented, and part of that is because of the song choices he’s made over his career. While “This Ole Boy” won’t be the song to shoot him into superstardom, it’s at least a step in the right direction since the last few songs he’s released. If you’re expecting another “This Ain’t Nothing,” then unfortunately you’ll be disappointed by “This Ole Boy.” Morgan is at times much louder than he should have been on the track, and it’s produced to be louder than the song was meant to be. It’s like he was coached to shout instead of sing. He’s one of the best vocalists out of Nashville in a long time, but it’s like he doesn’t know his own identity as an artist. Odd song choices have stalled the singer from his full potential.

“This Ole Boy” is a wanna-be rocker. It’s almost like the guitars and Morgans voice were competing to see who could be the loudest throughout the song. In fact, the music is distracting at times from his voice and you miss out on a lot of the lyrics, which were written by Dallas Davidson, Rhett Atkins and Ben Hayslip. I’m not sure where they were trying to go with this song, or what the producer had in mind. Morgan is an excellent singer and has no reason to try to shout over guitars or any other wall of noise – it just doesn’t make sense.

It is a step above his last two releases, but Morgan is worthy of so much more than what he has sent out to country radio. I have no idea how radio will handle this new single; it could go either way. It should be top 20, but will it get there?

“This Ole Boy” has been sent out to radio early. It will be available digitally on August 2nd.


RATING: 3 out of 5

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