Oak Ridge Boys Invited to Join Opry

According to Opry.com, The Oak Ridge Boys were invited to join the Grand Ole Opry tonight by none other than Mr. Jimmy Dickens himself! The Oak Ridge Boys – William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall, Richard Sterban, and Duane Allen, will be inducted on Saturday, August 6th.

The ¬†group was surprised on stage by Jimmy Dickens dressed as William Lee Golden, decked out in a long beard and sunglasses. “All my life I’ve wanted to be a little bitty Oak Ridge Boy,” Jimmy Dickens announced as he took the stage in costume. “On August 6th, I will become the newest member of the Oak Ridge Boys, and at that time, you will become the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry!”

Joe Bonsall spooke for the group with “Jimmy, that’s the funniest thing we’ve ever seen, first of all. This is a brotherhood and sisterhood unlike any other. We have been friends of the Opry for a long time… We will get on our bus later and let this process, and I guess we have until August 6th to let it sink in.”

Congratulations to the Oak Ridge Boys!

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