Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were Love At First Sight

Last night was the premiere of VH1’s Behind The Music: Miranda Lambert and it was well worth the wait. While I was unable to watch the episode in Canada; we don’t have the station and vh1’s video streaming is blocked here, I did manage to catch someone’s upload of the full episode late on YouTube last night. VH1 hid nothing of Lambert’s past, and even had her hero, Loretta Lynn, as one of the guests on the show talking about the Texan shooting star. Husband Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow and even her parents Rick and Bev Lambert were also part of the special guests starring in the special.

Among the revelations in the episode, Lambert and her mother admitted that she had fallen for Shelton during their duet in 2005 for CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets special. Shelton also admitted he fell in love with the singer on that stage, but it was difficult to understand since he was married to ex-wife Kaynette Williams. Lambert’s mother told her that he was off limits since he was married, so the pair were forced to just be friends during the rough patch of Shelton’s marriage, which was on a rocky road to begin with. Lambert told her mother that it was “love at first sight” when they were out with Shelton later the night of the filming with both of their friends and teams. The couple had to wait until 2006, as painful and as confusing as it was, to give it a shot after his divorce was finalized. Lambert and Shetlon both admit their relationship wasn’t a “fairytale” but everything they had gone through made them as strong as they are today.

It was one of the most heartbreaking, and touching, episodes I’ve ever seen on the show. Lambert’s father admitted that while the family was poor, he had thoughts of suicide when all they could feed Miranda were peanut butter and crackers when she was hungry. They lost two homes and everything else when the family’s private investigations business went south. It makes you appreciate this family even more, and you could just see the pride coming from both of her parents.

You can watch the episode later when it’s uploaded to stream for free on Vh1’s website. They have previous episodes of other celebrities on their site as well. It’s definitely a must-watch and helps you understand the woman and artist Lambert has become.

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