Lauren Alaina Suffers Third-Degree Sprained Ankle

Lauren Alaina suffered a third-degree sprained ankle Saturday night, at the American Idol Tour show in Portland, OR. According to Lauren’s Aunt, Kim, Lauren was practicing walking down stairs in heels backstage before going on stage when she fell, twisting her ankle. She tweeted a few pictures after the show of her swollen ankle, before tweeting the one seen here yesterday after she had visited the hospital.

“Good news &. Bad news. It’s not broken but I have a third degree sprain and I have a boot and crutches!”

Lauren will still be performing tonight with the rest of the Idols at their show in Sacremento, CA, but I think it’s safe to say she won’t be rocking heels for a while! We here at Keepin’ It Country Blog wish her a speedy recovery!

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