Kellie Pickler’s New Arrival to the Family

Kellie Pickler.

Just after Kellie Pickler finished saying she wasn’t ready for babies yet with husband Kyle Jacobs, Pickler spent July the 4th adopting a new family member. After visiting the vet she came across a pit bull with a broken pelvis and a venomous snake bite, and the singer took it upon herself to take “Chunk” home after he received the all-clear from the doctors.

They were unsure at first if the dog would make it through the night, but Pickler brought him home on Independence Day. He isn’t the first rescue for the blonde, who already has a few dogs and a snake named “Boots.” She had a pet monkey, Ella, for a short period as well, but was forced to give him away to a new home when she couldn’t fly with the animal, who was also illegal to have as a pet in California. Ella is now taken care of by Pickler’s sister.

Pickler is busy working on her new album. Her third album is expected to be released later on this year. “Tough,” the first single from the still-untitled album, is out now.

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