Gloriana splitting up?

That’s the major question going around twitter within Gloriana’s   fan base this afternoon after some kind of trouble broke out on the band’s official Twitter account.

 @glorianatheband: Im no longer going to be apart of Gloriana. Its been a great 4years. thank u for all of ur support. See u soon -Chey

After that mysterious tweet from Cheyenne, which was later deleted, announcing her departure, the band locked up their twitter page into a private account.

Cheyenne is now using her own twitter to announce her departure from the band.

ThisIsCheyenne: Hey guys I will be tweeting from here now. Thank you so much for all of your support and welcome to my new home-Cheyenne
ThisIsCheyenne:I have had some very sweet phone calls and messages coming in. Thank you all for your support!

There is no confirmation at this time on if it’s official or real.

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