FAN STORY: Kristin’s Experiences Meeting Blake Shelton!

Im Kristin Carter , I’m 21 and I’m from Raleigh NC. My fan story is about the time I met Blake Shelton, who is one of my favorite singers. The first time I ever heard a Blake song was back in 2008 when I first heard “Home” on the radio! I had to stop what I was doing and just listen to it because the sound of his voice just stood out to me. I told myself I had to find out more about this guy, so I went home and got online and bought his Startin Fires CD. The minute I heard that album I just fell in love, mind you I really didn’t know Blake himself till later on but I just knew I had to know more about this guy. So when I find out he had a twitter, I started following him and his personality just stuck out to me. Then I find out he was dating country star Miranda Lambert which made me wanna know even more about him. So fast forward a few months, I find out he was coming to our state fair so I had to go and see him! I bought tickets and had 7th row! I was so excited that I got there at like 3pm and the concert didn’t start till like 8pm! At this time I really didn’t know you could get meet and greets. I went to the show and when he came on stage the energy in that place was unreal! I had seen Kenny the week before and nothing compared to it! This was my first time ever seeing him and I have to say he puts on one of the most amazing shows I ever have been to. He left me wanting more so I waited and waited till another tour date close to me opened up. I went on his website and saw that he was playing Lexington KY (Sept, 24, 2010) and my birthday was Sept 21st so I asked my parents if we could go down there and see him for my birthday and they agreed. I found out about the meet and greets so I signed up for his fanclub about 3 months before the concert and when the meet and greet opened up I signed up not really thinking I would get one. About 2 weeks before the concert I check my email and there it was – my email telling me I get to meet Blake Shelton! I swear I starting freaking out for about an hour! I was sooo excited!

So, me and my parents made the 8 hour drive down to KY and I met my friend Anna there! It was a free show so we wanted to get there early so we could have front row! I think we got there about 10am and we got front row! Anna also had a meet and greet so we just waited for the time to pass which took like forever. At about 4pm that day, we found out that Blake was gonna do a soundcheck and they told us we would be able to watch. At about 4:30, he came out and did his soundcheck and at the end of the soundcheck he started to walk over to me and I wanted to freak about! He leaned down and handed me the guitar pick he was using! After the soundcheck it just started to pour down rain for hours and it was an outside concert. I was praying that it would stop raining so It didn’t rain out the concert and the meet and greet! But finally around 7pm the rain stopped and they lined us up for our meet and greet! We went back and I was about the 7th one in line. We walked around the corner to where his bus was and there he was! I started freaking out inside and so I waited and waited for my turn with him which seemed like it took FORVER!! Then it was finally my time!! I walked up to him and he said ” I remember you from the soundcheck” and I still couldn’t get a word out! It took me like a full minute to get what I wanted to say out! I told him that I had come 8 hours to see him for my birthday and he said that he loved that and he wished me a happy birthday! I was in heaven! We took a picture and I was moved along! From that moment on I was hooked! He just was so real and sweet and TALL!!

So go to March 2011! I drove down to Fayetteville NC to see him in Concert and I had a meet and greet (my 4th one with him) and this time I had bought him a picture frame that someone told me I could give him for him and Miranda for their wedding. At about 8:00, we went back to the meet and greet! For this meet and greet I was the 1st one in line! He had been taping The Voice so he was late getting in and his tour manger told us that it would be a quick meet and greet, so I really didn’t think he would take the time to look at the picture frame because it was in a box and all. When I went up to him I told him that I had this for him and Miranda and that I hoped he enjoyed it and he was like ” what is this” and then he took the time to open it up and look at it! I had met him the week before in Nashville so I had that meet and greet picture for him to sign. I handed it to him and he looked at it and then looked at me and said “This is your twitter picture, isn’t it?” I was like ‘yes it is’ and then he said “I know you, I see you on there tweeting me.” At that moment I wanted to go fangirl on him but I kept cool and asked for a hug! Let me tell you that guy gives the best HUGS EVER!! He was like “Sure, you can have whatever you want!” Having that come from him makes you just want to MELT! SO then we took our pictures and the meet and greet was over.

Every time I meet him I come out a bigger fan! He is just so true and real and he remembers you! I have met a few country stars and I can say that Blake is the most real and down to earth country star I have met and I look forward to keeping going to his shows and meeting him!

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