FAN STORY: Arleana & Billy Gilman!


I’ve been crazy about Billy Gilman since I was 10! I’ve seen him in concert 3 times and met him 4…best days ever! The last time I saw him was in 09′, we drove 6 hours to get there and it was amazing. My friend had extra tickets that she won from MDA and so I bought them off her, and when we got there we found out that they came with a special back stage meet and greet! I almost passed out! When me and my friend got backstage I thought I really was going to pass out! It was my 3rd time meeting him but I was sooooo nervous!! When it was my turn my friend pretty much had to drag me up to him! He signed a picture for me and he said “I hope you enjoy the show after your long drive.” I said “Billy, you could sing the phone book and I would be happy.” So, he turns to me and starts singing “Smith, Jones, Miller” haha! It was the best night ever! I also was lucky enough to meet him again after the show :)

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