CMT Helps Southern Belle find Love in new Series


Small town boy or a guy from a big city? That’s the choice Devin Grissom is going to have to make in CMT’s new reality television series “Sweet Home Alabama.” She’s a University of Alabama public relations major that needs that extra help to find the love she’s been looking for. CMT rounded up 20 men from different backgrounds, (half from small towns and the other half from big cities), and will get her pick from the bunch of them. It’s the bachelorette – country style.

The men have been flown in to Alabama from all over the country, including New York, Los Angeles, and Mississippi, among other states. If you think it’s just another “Bachelor” dating show copycat, you’re wrong. In an interview with Country Weekly, Devin explains the difference between “Sweet Home Alabama” and “The Bachelor.”

“First, they wanted to make sure that I was completely comfortable. They didn’t ask me to do anything I was not comfortable with. Plus, when I had to reject a guy, I would sit down with him on the show and talk with him and explain why I made the decision I did.”

The show debuts on CMT on Thursday, July 14th at 9 pm EST.

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