Kayla Coburn: Canada’s Undiscovered Country Music Talent

I was lucky enough to be invited to Kayla Coburn’s debut album release party a week ago in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Kayla, who was our first interview for our blog, has been working on her first country music album for the last three years out of Nashville. Donny Anderson, another Canadian talent recently signed to a major label, had produced the entire album, co-writing with Kayla, and even doing the backing vocals. When Kayla and her family sent me an invitation into town to cover the event there was no way I was going to pass it up. With the couple hundred loyal fans showing up to The Venue in Peterborough, looks like I wasn’t the only one not wanting to miss it for the world!

I did get to hear some early unfinished tracks from Kayla’s album last year, but never had the chance to hear her sing live. I was missing out. Not only is she one of the most down to earth people I’ve met;  she is one of the most talented, too. While she only had the chance to do a few songs for her sound check before her sold-out party, The Keene, Ontario native’s vocals were impressive even with the empty club.  We filmed an exclusive video of her covering Sugarland’s “Stay” from her sound check, and while the video quality isn’t the best… it’s the vocals that give you chills. This was just the sound check in an empty club! When she performed her cover of “Stay” live in the packed “The Venue,” the place went silent and she had every fan’s full attention in the two-story night club – even the bar staff and a Bachelorette party!

The party had to be changed from a 19+ event to an all-ages wristband event just by pure demand. While tickets were sold in advance of the event, they continued to sell by the hundreds at the door up to an hour before her performance. With her boyfriend Jon DJing the event before and after the performances, and doing double duty as the night’s emcee, it really was a night to remember for all involved. Country music isn’t the easiest genre to bust into if you’re from Canada, but there is honestly no way this girl doesn’t make it big one day.

When Kayla came out to the stage she took control of the room with her energy, great smile, jeweled-up microphone and spot-on vocals. She is a ballad singer, and even if she doesn’t realize that part yet, it’s the ballads where her voice does it’s magic. That’s not to say she wasn’t great on the fast paced songs, including fiery covers of Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene” and “Gunpowder & Lead,” but it’s the moments like the title track of “Never Really Gone” where she brought Donny Anderson on to the stage where she really shines. In a world of auto-tune and lip synching, Kayla is a very welcomed change to country music today. There’s not many artists out there today that can stand up to her vocals.

Her show had an interesting opener lineup: Tyler Wilson and his girl Dee performed a short acoustic set of 3 covers and 3 original songs, while producer Donny Anderson also took the stage for his turn with a small preview of his upcoming album on the still-unannounced major label. His album will be due out this Fall. Her set included a Carrie Underwood-esque outfit change half-way through with a small break for her and the band, before they exploded back on the stage.

Her concert also included a good cover of “Walking in Memphis” which you can see on our YouTube channel as well.

For more information on Kayla, and to get a copy of her debut album, add her on her official Facebook and Twitter pages:


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