Billy Ray Cyrus Admits “Big Mistake”

Billy Ray Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus was a guest on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” show this week and admitted the infamous interview he gave GQ was a “big mistake.” In the interview, Cyrus said that Disney and Hannah Montana had “destroyed” his family and put his daughter, Miley Cyrus, in great danger to the point of him worrying about her. He explained his choice of words as something that came out of a “dark time.”

“I made a big mistake even giving that interview. It was the darkest time of my life. Dark. It was dark. Turbulent, and that would have been a real good time for me to probably go and sit by the fire alone.”

Cyrus also believes that his daughter was meant to bring hope to the world and do good things with her fame. In the same interview with Piers Morgan, Cyrus claims Miley is a “natural born singer/songwriter/entertainer” and that she “has a lot to offer the world.”

“And, you know, she ain’t perfect and I sure as hell ain’t, you know. I mean, none of us are. But Miley really, really has a good heart. And she loves people. She loves music. She loves entertaining. There’s a lot of things that Miley does that I wouldn’t go into right now on a humanitarian basis. But Miley is a great humanitarian. She really cares about her fellow man, and people, and the planet and animals.”

You can watch the interview streamed on CNN’s website HERE.

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