Album Review: Ashton Shepherd – “Where Country Grows”

After listening to Ashton Shepherd’s sophomore effort, “Where Country Grows”, a few times on repeat yesterday, I’m not quite understanding why I never bought her debut album that came out a few years ago. I was and am a huge fan of her single “Sounds So Good”, but never picked up the album itself. After typing up this review, I’m making a B-line over to iTunes and picking it up. Being an Alabama native myself, we’re always very proud of the folks who make it big from the Heart of Dixie. And Ashton is no exception.I’ve always thought Shepherd’s voice was very unique, which is sometimes rare in the ocean of voices in every music genre today. But, with this album, there’s a bit of sauciness added to it, especially with the singles “Look It Up” and the second track on the album, entitled “I’m Good”. Her unique voice combined with her fiesty attitude is guaranteed to be music to the ears of anyone who loves good music. Shepherd wrote “I’m Just A Woman”, the third track on the album and its nothing but pure country at its best. The tracks “More Cows Than People” and the album title track “Where Country Grows” preach about country life at its best. “Tryin’ To Go To Church” is a Saturday Night Party-Sunday Mornin’ Service kind of song. “That Only Leads To One Thing” is a haunting ballad about a woman scorned. “Beer On A Boat” and “Rory’s Radio” are about the simple things in life that we sometimes forget.

Overall, this album is country in its finest form and I recommend everyone go out there and pick up a copy, or three. Early Christmas shopping anyone?

RATING: 8/10

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