Trace Adkins Proud To Be Here on August 2nd

Trace Adkins didn’t just name his album after one of his favorite tracks on the album; “Proud To Be Here” is meant as a sign of gratitude, not only for his family’s safety after the fire that destroyed his home last week; but for where he is now in his career.

“Proud To Be Here was chosen as the album title some weeks ago because it’s how I’ve felt ever since my first album release and during every milestone since. The title song could have been based on my life and it’s about narrow escapes and the grace that guides you through. Obviously, now after the fire, Proud To Be Here takes on an even greater significance. Once again, I’ve been blessed and everyone is safe. I don’t even want to think what could’ve been had it started at 3am instead of 3pm…”

Produced by Kenny Beard and Mark Wright, the ten-track album, (14 on the Deluxe Edition), includes Adkins’ latest hit “Just Fishing,” the music video for which has Trinity Adkins, his daughter, starring in. The Deluxe Edition of “Proud To Be Here” includes a duet with friend Blake Shelton on “If I Was A Woman,” which is a hilarious response song showing off the pair’s humor co-written by Adkins, Sherrie Austin, Jeff Bates and Kenny Beard.

See the full track list under the cut.

1. Proud To Be Here (Chris Wallin, Aaron Barker, Ira Dean)
2. Million Dollar View (David Lee Murphy, George Teren)
3. Days Like This (Trace Adkins, Casey Beathard, Kenny Beard)
4. That's What You Get (Rivers Rutherford, Aly Cutter, Kenny Beard)
5. Just Fishin' (Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell, Ed Hill)
6. It's A Woman Thang (Craig Wiseman, Jim Collins)
7. Love Buzz (Casey Beathard, Kendall Marvel)
8. It's Who You Know (Rivers Rutherford, Wendell Mobley, Kenny Beard)
9. Poor Folks (Ray Scott, Phillip Moore)
10. Always Gonna Be That Way (Dallas Davidson, Chris Tompkins)

11. Damn You Bubba (Chris Wallin, Bruce Wallace)
12. More Of Us (Casey Beathard, Phil O'Donnell)
13. If I Was A Woman ft. Blake Shelton courtesy of Warner Bros. Records (Trace
Adkins, Sherrie Austin, Jeff Bates, Kenny Beard)
14. Semper Fi (Trace Adkins, Kenny Beard, Monty Criswell)


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