Trace Adkins’ 9 Year-Old Daughter Saves Puppies From Fire

Trace Adkins may have lost his beautiful home in Tennessee due to a devastating fire, but it was thanks to his 9 year-old daughter’s courage that everyone, including their dogs, survived.

After the nanny had gotten the family out to safety, Brianna Adkins realized that her 10-month old Australian Shepherd puppies were still inside the burning home. She ran back in to find them, even though a neighbor had tried to stop her from going back inside.

“A neighbor tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t be stopped. They’re her puppies, [Brianna] has severe allergies and this is one of the only breeds that she can have. I told her, ‘I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for the way you saved those puppies.’” – Trace Adkins, People Pets

The family is staying in their cabin they own just outside Nashville.

Adkins’ latest single, “Just Fishin’,” is currently #17 on the Mediabase country charts. His brand new album, “Proud To Be Here,” will hit shelves on August 2nd.

Check out the Behind the Scenes footage of “Just Fishin'” below the cut.

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