REVIEW: Jerrod Niemann’s “One More Drinkin’ Song”

I’ll admit it: I fell for Jerrod Niemann back in January when he was opening for Brad Paisley’s Frozen Over tour. I met him backstage and he was friendly, bubbly, and down-to-earth: even offering hugs! I’ve hoped for greater success for the artist, who has been better known for his songwriting than his songs.

Country music fans will recognize him from “Lover, Lover” and “What Do You Want” which were almost complete polar opposites from each other, but still catchy. I couldn’t be more exciting learning that he was releasing a new single out to country radio, even if it was a re-release.

While a drinking song is a staple in any country artist’s repertoire,it’s  Niemann’s turn with his “One More Drinkin’ Song.”  Out to prove that he was anything but a one-hit-wonder like so many had written him off as. This Drinkin’ Song reminds me of a mix of something between a Garth Brooks and a modern-day George Strait tune. It’s playful, cute, and, of course, something you can drink to. What’s even more interesting is the difference in each of the singles Niemann has released so far; showing off his versatility in each of the three singles from the Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury album. While some of the up-tempos on the Judge Jerrod album were weak, this was easily the strongest that was left to be released to radio.

While few were wondering, yes, the “”Marga-daiquri-screw-olada-on the beach” line was kept in the song for radio airplay and wasn’t censored. Considered a re-release, it was actually only previously released as a teaser for the album.

Drinkin’ Song has the potential to be one of the next country music songs taking over the karaoke bar scene. The chorus will have people singing along in the car all Summer long. I’ve had the song stuck in my head after just the first listen. This will definitely be another Summer hit for the singer, who is planning a Summer 2012 for a brand new album.

“Hey hey hey, what’s so wrong with one more drinking song?”

RATING: 4 out of 5

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