REVIEW: George Strait – “Here For A Good Time”

It’s starting to look like party songs are all the rage with Nashville’s men. Over the last year we’ve had “All About Tonight” (Blake Shelton), “My Kinda Party” (Jason Aldean), “Am I The Only One” (Dierks Bentley),  and “Country Girl (Shake it For Me” (Luke Bryan) are just some of the many that have become the popular theme. But when the King of country music, George Strait, releases a party song, well, it’s not your average party song.

Strait released his 89th career single last week, “Here For A Good Time.” It’s his second highest debut for a single in his career, and was the most added at radio last week. The single, co-written by Strait with his son, Bubba, and friend Dean Dillion, this song has a chance at being the fastest rising of the country music veteran’s career of over thirty years.

“Here For A Good Time” is definitely an easy-listening kind of song. It’s your party song meets honky tonk feel good song; not your fist pumping, shot taking, guitar-driven party anthem country music has been starting to churn out. This isn’t a Shelton or Adkins kind of party song; it’s more in vein of Chesney. In the end, however, the King delivers the song in a way that only Strait could. It’s a sitting back, carefree song where Strait reminds the listener that life is too short and that we should all enjoy it while it lasts. It’s a groovy little song, that will easily find it’s way to the top of the charts – and not just because of the name behind it, but because it’s good.

Often, when an artist’s career starts getting into the later years, their popularity starts to take a hit from the younger, “hipper” artists. Strait is here to prove that in his case, it’s not true, and that he can still keep up with the new fads and culture out of Nashville. This song could easily fit in five years ago as it could today; proving that country music doesn’t have to be all about the rock-star guitars and auto tune that is slowly finding its way into the genre.

RATING: 4 out of 5
POTENTIAL: Number one

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