REVIEW: Carter’s Chord – Wild Together

Carter’s Chord is just not your average sister group. With an almost-perfect harmony between Joanna, Becky and Emily Roberston; it’s no wonder country music is made up of so many family bands. Part of Toby Keith’s Showdog-Universal label, the girls had Keith produce their second six-song EP, “Wild Together.”

They aren’t brand new to the industry; as youngsters they traveled with their parents , who were part of the late Outlaw legend Waylon Jenning’s touring band. While they had an early start to road life, the sisters first met Keith when they recorded on his “Beer For My Horses,” before being signed to his label.

On Wild Together, the girls co-wrote each of the six songs on the album.   Their first album was unfortunately highly unmemorable, the girls have found their style and comfort zone this time around on their EP. The sisters have had problems in the past finding songs that fit their mold and mesh with who they were, but Wild Together comes off as believable and as an honest effort by the Robertson girls. Instead of playing a part and trying to make the listener believe it, they found songs that showcased who they were and what messages they were trying to say. What’s most appealing is the lyrics of the songs, and how ‘grown up’ they seem compared to many songs that are topping the country singles charts today.

The girls aren’t out to prove how hard they can rock, or how loud they can play guitars on their tracks. They’ve gone back to the old way of country thinking by telling a story with their vocals and harmonies instead of with loudness. They’re a fresh, sassy face to country music with maybe even a chance of some crossover appeal on these tracks. They focus their style on their harmonies.

It’s a shame I have yet to hear Carter’s Chord on any local country radio station yet. It will be interesting to see where the girls go from here on out with future albums; if they can break into country and become the new super group or if they’ll stay on the quiet side. I think if they continue with the groundwork they formed on this album, they could be a force to reckon with.

My favorite track from their album is the lead single, “A Little Less Comfortable.” The most radio friendly of the tracks, it introduces radio to the amazing harmony the girls have with each other. A catchy, pretty little song, it has song-on-repeat appeal.

Check out their single from “Wild Together”, “A Little Less Comfortable.” Let us hear your own review in the comments.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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