Review: Bryan White & Richie McDonald’s 2011 Fan Club Party

The 2011 Bryan White & Richie McDonald Fan Club Party took place on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. The fan club goers was treated to a catered lunch before the performances, which took place upstairs in the Hall of Fame Rotunda. Being a HUGE Bryan White fan for over 14 years, one would think that I’ve been to a fan club party of his long before now. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The past three years I have been going to CMA Fest, something had always kept me from attending. I was so thankful when I was able to go this time around. His joint fan club party with Richie McDonald (formally of the group Lonestar) was a giant success and I was excited to be apart of it.After an opening act, Bryan performed a 30-45 minute set, which included classics such as “Love Is  The Right Place”, “I’m Not Suppose To Love You Anymore”, “Rebecca Lynn”, “Sittin’ On Go”, and “So Much For Pretending”, among others. Before performing his debut single, “Eugene You Genius”, Bryan pulled out the jacket that he wore on his debut album cover and slipped it on, which everyone loved. He was very comical throughout his set. Personally, I wasn’t aware of the sense of humor that he had until the party. A special moment in his set was when he performed “From This Moment On” with a local Nashville radio dj, who was the emcee of the event. He joked about how he wouldn’t mind if Shania performed the song with him again.  After Bryan’s set, Richie performed a set which included Lonestar classics “Mr. Mom”, “Amazed”, and “I’m Already There”. I was a big fan of Lonestar growing up and had never seen them live, so seeing Richie was a real treat.

Overall, this party was a wonderful experience and I hope that I get to attend again next year!

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