REVIEW: Blake Shelton – “Red River Blue” (single)

Blake Shelton fans were treated to a special preview of his upcoming album late last night. Country Weekly has the exclusive preview of the title track from “Red River Blue,” with free streaming of the full track as well as a video of Blake discussing how the song was written with him and wife Miranda Lambert in mind; and how he had it in his back pocket for a while now.

The heart-breaking, but beautiful, song is about two lovers who have gone their separate ways across the Red River, Oklahoma and Texas. Which actually mirrors the real life couple; who now live outside Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Blake also admitted in the interview that the couple had rough patches a few years ago, including being separated for a week at one time. The sadness and longing in his voice in the song makes it believable, as it sounds like he feels what he’s singing. When joined by Lambert on the choruses, the song becomes haunting. Read the rest of our review under the “more” tag.

The song is definitely single material, and brings out a side of Blake that hasn’t been seen since “Goodbye Time,” his Conway Twitty cover from 2005. While Shelton has hit number one with the sweet “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking,” it’s been a while since he’s released a pretty song of the likes of “The Baby” or “Austin” that makes you hold back your tears.

Shelton nailed this song, which was co-written by Ray Stephenson and Buddy Owens; as first reported on this blog. The writers had the pair in mind when they wrote it, and after driving around listening to the demo for a long time, Shelton wasn’t sure if he could make it fit on any previous album until now. I’m hoping they release this as a follow-up to the fun #1 Honey Bee, so country music can remember that Shelton isn’t just all about the funny, party songs and can break your heart still.

“Red River Blue” is available everywhere July 12th. You can catch Blake Shelton tonight on The Voice, and the results show tomorrow night on NBC.

RATING: 5 out of 5
POTENTIAL: number one

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