FAN STORY: Strangers working together to meet Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery

Our very first fan story is one of my own..I decided to share my experience with all of you country music fans and get the ball rolling!

So you’re a die hard Lauren and Scotty fan. You win two backstage passes to meet them at the Grand Ole Opry…do you take your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or….a complete stranger?

You might be surprised to hear me say that my experience meeting Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery at the Opry was with a complete stranger. The Opry held a twitter contest on Thursday, June 9th asking people to retweet for a chance to win. I retweeted my little fingers off all day. In meet and greet lines, while eating lunch, while talking to friends…even while at fan club parties. you name it – I was retweeting it. As you can imagine, my twitter friends were less than thrilled. I found them tweeting the Opry telling them to pick me just so i’d shut up. (Hey, I really wanted it – and it was too late to give up!)

I was going through the tweets @ the Opry and found there was one other person trying as hard as me to win, a girl named Sarah. I decided since none of my friends were huge fans, that I’d give it a shot with seeing if this girl wanted to go together if either of us won. I sent her a tweet asking if she’d like to agree that if either of us won, we’d take the other. She agreed. Neither of us were going to give up!

Unfortunately later that day, my phone decided to give up for me. As anyone who owns an iPhone knows, the battery life isn’t exactly fascinating. My phone died by about 7pm and they still had not picked a winner. At this point, I’d been retweeting for 7 hours. SEVEN!

To make a long story short, Sarah didn’t give up and she was chosen as the winner! She notified me and asked if I’d like to go with her…and of course I freaked out. It wasn’t even that huge of a deal that we didn’t know each other – it was more the fact that she had friends who wanted to go and she still chose to take a huge fan like me over them.

I already had tickets for the show (about row 5) and was pretty pumped. When Sarah got there, she informed me our tickets were in the back and we had to be in them to be ready for them to come get us to go backstage. If we weren’t there, we didn’t go. So I left my seat and went back to sit with her. I was completely cool with leaving my good seats for a backstage experience – one I’ll never forget!

Almost immediately after Scotty’s set ended, a lovely man named Scott came and got us to go backstage. I remember feeling extremely flustered and nervous, as I always get when I’m meeting people I really admire. We were taken backstage and kind of kept to the side while Lauren and Scotty did some quick press off the stage. When they were ready, we were directed into an Administrative room where the meet and greet would be held.

There were about 5-10 people in the room, including some press people and a camera person who recorded the entire thing. I remember Lauren was singing in a low voice when we first entered the room, although I couldn’t make out what song she was singing.

Scott introduced us as the twitter winners and they let us all chat. One of the first things Lauren said was that her and Sarah had the same shoes, which led to a discussion about which store they got them from (Kohls was the winner!) Lauren and Scotty then both asked what our twitter names were – Sarah told them hers was “sweetsarahhh” and I told them mine was “Crayons15,” as Lauren repeated it with her southern drawl accenting the word ‘crayons’. We explained that had we spent our day re-tweeting and that we were both tweeting even during fan club parties. I told them that my phone died so I had to give up, but Sarah invited me to go with her, and that we didn’t know each other and they just loved that. Lauren was like ‘THAT IS SO SWEET!’

For their first show at the Opry, they made each of them a poster like the Hatch Show Prints. They had a handful of them laying around in the room, so before we left someone else in the room asked them to each sign one for us. So they personalized them and each wrote us little messages on them.

After they signed us the posters, Scotty started an interview. We got to watch for a minute then Scott pulled us out. Before we left Scotty yelled “wait, let me say goodbye!” and came out and hugged us both then went back to the room. Lauren came out with us also and chatted for a few more minutes. She hugged us and then we talked about the American Idol Tour. Sarah told her she’d be at the Nashville show and I told her I’d see her in NY at the last show in Rochester and she was like ‘Oh wow. We’ll have some practice in by then!’

Overall, my experience was amazing! I can’t be thankful enough that Lauren and Scotty were so sweet to us and most of all that Sarah took me with her! I’ll never forget it!

We then got to do a backstage tour of the Opry while the rest of the show went on. I had done this earlier in the week but it was still a new experience to get to do it while a show was going on! We got to stand on the back of the stage while people performed and look out at the crowd…truly an experience!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Sarah and to Scott for being an awesome Opry staff member! And of course to Lauren and Scotty for being so down-to-earth and giving us their full attention like there weren’t other press and interviewees in the room waiting to sweep their attention away.

Not only did I meet Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery that day, but I also made a new friend – thank you, Sarah!


Sarah with Lauren and Scotty:
Sarah with Lauren and Scotty

Me with Lauren and Scotty:
Jessica with Lauren and Scotty

That’s my what’s yours? :)

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