REVIEW: Kellie Pickler’s ‘Tough’

Kellie Pickler is a sweet, down-to-earth, good ol’ country gal. Known for being a blonde sweetheart with the happy personality, hearing that she had recorded a new single called “Tough” was a little comical at first. After promising that her third studio album would be closer to classic, twang, kicking butt country instead of the pop-country sound of her last two, Pickler had a lot to work to do. And in my opinion, she nailed the dirty, woman-empowering sound on Tough. 

With a song that throws fluff to the side and gets down and dirty, Pickler’s set up a new sound for herself and it actually works out well for her. It’s a brave step forward for the former American Idol contestant, who in the past had gotten by more for her personality and looks than for her music. Gems like Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You never got her the recognition she deserved as an artist, but Tough will get her right to where she is supposed to be. While this might not be the song to launch Kellie’s career into an all-new high, it is definitely a sturdy step in the right direction to send her on the way to the top.

Pop-country fans might not enjoy this new side of Pickler, but that’s okay, she’s bound to find an all-new audience who will appreciate her voice that sounds like it perfectly fits in to this new sound. If this is what her new album will sound like, I’m ready for it now.


Rating: 5 out of 5
Potential: number one

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