Got A Question For Martina McBride?

GAC is looking for fan questions to ask Martina in their upcoming interview with her in their studio. Think of some creative questions and head on over to GAC to submit!

Martina McBride and her daughters are coming to our studio very soon! We need your help interviewing them. What to ask? Be creative with your questions! Don’t ask when Martina’s going to tour again or when she’s coming to your city because those questions won’t be chosen (you can check her official website for that info).

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Use this opportunity to get creative. We’ll pitch the most unique questions to Martina and her girls and then feature their answers on very soon in our Fan Q&A section. Hurry, our deadline for questions is Monday, May 2 at 12 Noon Central. You can leave your question below as a comment, or you can leave a comment on the Martina post on our Facebook page, HERE. Thanks so much — we can’t wait to read your questions!


Photo by: Republic Nashville


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