FIRST REVIEW: Luke Pilgrim’s ‘Sweet Tea’

Luke Pilgrim, formerly of the band Last November, has released a his debut music video for his single “Sweet Tea.” Pilgrim is known for his work with Trace Adkins as a celebrity ambassador for FAAN: the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network in promoting food allergy awareness. See the video and our single review under the cut for this down home Georgia boy. Check out the first review for this down-home Georgia boy’s single here at Keepin’ it Country Blog.

Luke, born in Cleveland, is one of the hottest young acts to come out of Atlanta, Georgia in recent years. Describing his own sound as a mix of southern rock and country music, it’s hard not to smile along with Sweet Tea. A catchy little feel-good song that is perfect for the early Summer and one that I can see doing well.

The one thing that I think is holding back this song is the over-use of the I-love-my-small-town and Southern girls theme in the chorus, however, it makes up for that with the great songwriting and the overall cheerful tune of the song. It is a cute song that I can see fitting right in at country radio playlists right now. It’s hard not to nod your head and sing along to this single, which doesn’t get old after multiple listens.

While some country artists try too hard to be ‘country’ and get the the twang in their songs, Pilgrim has the perfect mix in his voice. With a Southern voice that is more pleasant than heavy, he will be popular with the new-country crowd and those listeners who are just looking for a fun tune with good storytelling. On first listen, the song seems to just be about the popular Southern beverage, but if you listen to the lyrics it’s also about Pilgrim’s youth and life in Georgia. I’m interested in seeing what’s next for this up-and-coming country music artist.

Luke is offering a free download of Sweet Tea on his website.



Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Potential: top 20

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