EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Suite Caroline

At the young age of 13, Suite Caroline has a career performers twice her age would envy. She has already released 3 CD’s of original music, and has opened for artists such as Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, and Lifehouse! This Florida native has traveled all over to perform her music – from all over the US, to Australia, Fiji and Ireland. She’s even had the chance to perform with Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, Charlie Daniels and the GoGo’s. Suite Caroline is a huge talent, just watch her perform and you’ll be amazed by the fact that she’s only 13!

Caroline has a busy schedule at her young age, but she was nice enough to take some time to answer some questions for us here at Keepin’ It Country Blog! She chats with us about her accomplishments so far, what she does in her spare time, and of course: the future! Be sure to check out her music, and if you’re in the Florida area or happen to catch her at a show outside of FL – don’t miss it!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, for those who don’t know you!

I am 13 years old and I have been playing the guitar and writing songs since I was 8. I describe myself as a country singer/songwriter/guitarist :)

What is the story behind your name, “Suite Caroline?”

My parents always sang the Neal Diamond song Sweet Caroline to me.  When I started to become a performer, I thought I definitely needed to be called Sweet Caroline, but with a different twist on it.  So, I use Suite, like a musical suite, or as in my favorite show at the time, Suite Life of Zack and Cody!

What is your favorite song of your own that you’ve written, and what is one song you wish you had written?

My favorite song that I have written changes by the day!  But right now, it is called “Here and Now” and I wrote it about two weeks ago! I wish I had written SOOOO many of my favorite songs!!! I mean, everything from Yesterday, by the Beatles, to If I Die Young by The Band Perry! But House that Built Me probably would top that list.

You’ve had the chance to meet and/or perform with a lot of popular singers…Who is someone you haven’t met yet but would like to?

Carrie Underwood.  I got to play a supporting stage for her, but I didn’t get the chance to meet her.  I cover so many of her songs, plus I admire her as a person.

So far you’ve accomplished a lot of amazing things at such a young age – from performing overseas to performing with legendary musicians, but what is one thing on your dream list that you haven’t accomplished yet?

I would love to play the Grand Ole Opry.  That is such a legendary and unique place.

What’s a typical writing process like for you? Do you usually write alone or with other people? Do you write both lyrics and melody, and which is your favorite part?

I either start with an idea, or with a melody.  Usually an idea, though.  Then I take it from there.  Sometimes I do it on my own, on the floor of my room with my guitar, while sitting on my fluffy rug.  Sometimes I work with other songwriters over the internet, or they come to my house and we have a fun jam session.  So I guess there are many ways that I write.  My favorite is always the lyric.

Are you planning any shows in Nashville for CMA Fest week? Have you ever attended CMA Fest?

I am not going to CMA fest … which would be another place I dream about playing!  I have not attended because everyone tells me it is really crowded there at that time!  I like Nashville when it is quiet ;)

What are some of the most recent songs you’ve played on your ipod?

Taylor Swift-Mean

Carrie Underwood-Songs Like This

Brad Paisley-Welcome to the Future

Amy Lee-My Immortal

Christina Perri-Jar of Hearts

What do you like to do in your spare time, when you’re not writing, performing or recording?

I love to read.  I usually have 2-3 books going at once!  I also like to play games on my phone!

I see you’re a big Taylor Swift fan, what is your favorite song by her?

Right now it is Mean, but Love Story is one of my all time faves by her, because I play it almost all of my shows

You’re only 13 and you’ve already released 3 CD’s of original songs…which is quite amazing! Do you have any advise for anyone out there who wants to follow in your footsteps?

For me, this is my hobby.  Some of my friends play club volleyball, or soccer, but for me, this is what I spend all of my free time doing because it is my passion.  If music is your passion, give it the attention it deserves!!

Lastly…have you started working on CD #4 yet and when can we expect it?

Oh yes.  I already have written 20 more songs that I love since I took this last batch to the recording studio.  But I’m not sure if I will put out the newest stuff anytime soon.

Check out this video of her singing in Clearwater, FL:

Also be sure to check out Suite Caroline on the following sites:
Reverb Nation

Caroline has already accomplished so much at her young age, but she’s just getting started! Be sure to check out her music on iTunes…she will be a huge hit before you know it!

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