EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Arabella Jones

Arabella Jones is a 15 year old country singer from Houston, TX with big dreams of being a country music star! Her youtube channel already has over 27,000 views in just three months, putting her in the running of making those dreams a reality!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Arabella via email. She is a very sweet girl who is very thankful for each and every fan! Arabella tells us a little bit about herself in the interview below, check it out!

You’re only 15 years old and you have an amazing voice! What age were you when you decided you wanted to be a country singer?
Thank you very much! Honestly, I’ve only known that I’ve wanted to sing country for a couple years now.I only recently discovered I had a talent, and I love everything about country music! So, one day it kind of clicked to me, I think this is what I’m meant to do!

You have only been on youtube for about 3 months and already have over 25,000 views on your 8cover videos. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
That’s so hard to predict in this business! Just in these last 3 months, I’ve already gotten so much farther than I ever imagined I would! I just hope to be bringing my music to a lot of people, and above all: making people happy!

On your YouTube you have listed that you’re a singer/guitarist and soon to be songwriter. Have you started writing any songs yet?
The last few months I’ve been crazy busy getting my YouTube channel launched! But once school gets out, I’m going to get started on songwriting, so definitely look for at least a couple to come out this summer. I think it makes sense to start out by collaborating with experienced songwriters – so if anyoneout there is looking for a young singer to co-write with, let me know!

What age were you when you first started playing guitar? At what age did you start singing/discover you could sing?
I picked up my first guitar when I was about 10 years old. It was only a kid-sized, nylon stringed deal, butit got me hooked! But, it wasn’t until I joined my middle school choir by chance in seventh grade, that I found out I could kind of sing! (Even though my dad swears he knew that I had a voice ever since I was in preschool…)

You have Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, and Miranda Lambert listed as some of yourinfluences. Do you have any other influences & any from other genres of music? Who/what isyour biggest influence?
I’m a huge Dolly Parton fan! I love everything about her – her look, and her sound. She was such a pioneer for female singers, and is still an awesome performer. Country is definitely my favorite genre, butI like all kinds of music and actually like to listen to classic rock songs – I remember tap dancing to Sweet Home Alabama when I was six or seven!

I love your name. Is there any meaning behind your parents picking that name for you?
I know picking my name was a several hour long process. My parents wanted something unusual and special, so the finally went with my mom’s idea of Arabella. I’ve always had this weird belief that your name has a connection with what you’re destined to do in life, and with mine being uncommon, I’mhoping that’s a sign! ;)

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of your music. What do you enjoy doing besides singing and playing guitar?
I have the biggest love of being outdoors! Anytime I can I like to get into the sun – camping, hiking, boating, and being at the beach all make me so happy. I saw the movie “Soul Surver” this weekend, and it really made me want to try surfing this summer. Maybe I can write some country songs while I’m hanging out on the beach! And of course I love the church that my family goes to, it’s a great place to share worship, plus there’s a really active student program there.

Do you watch American Idol & have you ever thought about auditioning?
I’ve kept up with it on and off, but now quite a few of my fans are encouraging me to try out. I’m old enough this year, so I’m going to see how the next couple of months go, and then see if I want to audition in August. I think it would be fun to go just for the experience.

If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be?
Jason Aldean! I LOVE his whole style and music. His songs just keep going through my head all day!

What is your fondest memory as a musician so far?
I would have to say my favorite memory so far was receiving my first tip ever! I remember I was performing at an outdoors concert that my voice teacher had organized, and at the end of my set this guy just walked up out of the blue and handed me a ten dollar bill. He said that he had a tough day at work,and that hearing me sing is just what he needed to feel better. I was so touched and blown away that I almost cried, and I forgot to say thank you! (So if you ever read this, Mr. Freebird’s Guy, THANK YOU!!)

Do you ever get nervous performing? Have you ever performed on stage?
I’ve performed on stage around town at different open mic nights, local country shows, and even a fewschool events. Any opportunity I can find to get up there and sing! But YES, I’ll always get the usual butterflies right before I walk out!

Do you have any covers lined up for future youtube videos? If so, would you share a few of them with us?
“You Lie” by The Band Perry is one of my favorite songs that’s playing on the radio now. I’ll probably do “Independence Day” by Martina McBride soon. I get a lot of requests from my fans for songs by Carrie Underwood, so I think I’ll do “Wasted.” I love songs where I get to use my high range.

What is your overall biggest dream with being a country singer?
I know it may sound funny, but it’s always been a dream of mine to play at the Houston Livestock Showand Rodeo! After sitting in the audience for so many concerts there, it would be so amazing to be the onesinging in front of 70,000 people on that big stage!


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