Courtyard Hounds live chat tonight

Wondering whatever happened to the superpower group, The Dixie Chicks? Martie McGuire and Emily Robinson, the women who were often to stage left or right of Natalie Maines, released their first album as a duo together in 2010 as the Courtyard Hounds.

It isn’t just some side-project for the two girls, who formed the group after Maines wanted to take a break from the spotlight. They’ve been working on a follow up album to their debut, due out sometime later this year.

The girls have been interacting with their fans on a regular basis through both Twitter and online video segments. They are going back live tonight, May 31st, at 8:30 pm EST to answer fan questions and remember the good ol’ days of the Dixie Chicks, and are promising to show embarrassing pictures of their past as a trio.

To get your questions in ahead of time, fans can leave a comment here and on the official Courtyard Hounds Facebook page. To watch the live video stream, tune in to tonight.

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