EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Canadian Kayla Coburn

After two years, Canadian singer-songwriter Kayla Coburn is ready to release her debut album, Never Really Gone, on July 23rd. Hailing from Peterborough, Ontario, the home town of Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, she’s ready to let the world hear her music. I had the chance to preview two tracks from her album before they were finalized, and her album is one that I’m looking forward to hearing this Summer. While Kayla isn’t the most well known of unsigned country artists, she is a sweet girl with an even sweeter voice that will one day be on the radio.



Since most people aren’t familiar with you just yet, how would you describe yourself as an artist and your sound?

I would have to say that I’m a Canadian Country Singer-Songwriter. My style is new wave country, with a touch of soul and old country influence.

You’ve been working on your debut album for a little while now. What can fans expect to hear from your first album, and is there any track that you’d think of as your favorite?

Yeah, this has been almost a 2 year process, and its been an amazing learning experience. The Album is made up of some songs that I co-wrote. I was so lucky to get to work with such amazingly talented people like Patricia Conroy (Canadian Singer/songwriter) Josiah Rosen (of Augustana) Donny Anderson (Canadian Singer/Songwriter) and many others! A few of the songs were written by some very talented writers in Nashville, and I have one surprise cover song on there too. I think this album really showcases my fun side but I also think fans will be able to see my real love is a pretty ballad.

As for a favourite, that’s so hard to say! I love the title track “Never Really Gone” because its the first song that Donny Anderson ( Canadian Singer/songwriter and Producer) and I wrote together. He does an amazing vocal feature on that track. I also have a strong love for “Rebel” (Kayla Coburn, Donny Anderson and Neal Carpenter) because it was written about my relationship with my sister and it really came from the heart. Its probably the most personal song I wrote on the album.

What or who would you say is your biggest inspiration and keeps you following your dream? What has discouraged you?

I would  have to credit my Grandma (Jackie Coburn) and family for always inspiring and supporting me with my music. I believe family and friends are the people who have gotten me through the hard learning experiences, and helped me to reach my goals. My producer, Donny Anderson, has been such an inspiration as well. I admire his passion and his work ethic. He has definitely been a great friend and mentor. I have also been so inspired by all the amazing country artists who have paved the way.
As for discouraging experiences, I think we all have ups and downs but the most important thing is what you do after the discouragement. Just keep positive! I truly believe that positivity brings positive things. so I try to keep my chin up the best I can and focus on the good.

If you could write with any one artist, alive or dead, who would it be and why? What would you call the song?

I would have to say its a tie! Kris Kristofferson and Miranda Lambert. I chose Kris because he has written so many country classics that speak to all of us; as a writer he has a way of grabbing your heart and not letting go until the end of the song. He is such a captivating writer. I chose Miranda because she is such a strong female influence in country music today. And she seems like she’d be a fun person to work with. I think her writing style is so poetic and abstract, she seems to write from such an eye opening place. I think both of these artists could teach me so much. I don’t know what I’d call the songs but I would love to write ballads with both of these amazing writers.

What is it about country music that you love so much? When was it that you decided to be an artist?

Country Music has been a part of my life since I was born. My Grandma sang country music, and so does my Dad, so I guess it runs in the family. I decided to be a country artist when I was 7 years old. At that time I wanted to be the next Shania Twain or LeAnn Rimes. I feel like country music reminds me of home and my life experiences; I can always seem to match a country song to my memories. I love to sing country music because it just feels right.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone’s ever given to you?

“Keep God close and He’ll never steer you wrong” -Jackie Coburn

“Sleeping all day is not a lifestyle, not a productive one anyway. You gotta work hard every day to reach your goals, never give up.” -Donny Anderson

These two stand out to me because my Grandma has been telling me that for as long as I can remember. And Donny’s advice struck me as funny, inspirational and so true. I hold this advice close because they both help me everyday to stay focused, keep an open heart and work hard become the best artist I can be.

And of course…when can we expect the album?

I’m so excited!! July 23rd is my Album Release Party!! Its being held at “The Venue” on George Street  in Peterborough, Ontario.

I want everyone to know how grateful I am that you have taken the time to read my interview! Thank you to my family, friends and fans for being a part of my journey. And Thank you to “Keepin it Country” for having me. I hope you all get a chance to check out my Debut Album “Never Really Gone” this summer.





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