Dierks Bentley Hints at Next Album

What will Dierks Bentley‘s next record sound like? If you think his new single, “Am I The Only One,” is an indication, you may be right…or not. Dierks tellsBillboard magazine he’s already cut 15 tracks for the follow-up album to his critically-acclaimed bluegrass-flavored Up On The Ridge CD. But “Am I The Only One” is not necessarily a blueprint for the record.

“I’ve always covered [a gamut] of stuff, and this album’s gonna do the same thing,” he explains. “I can’t think of what to call it except just country, my kind of country music. I don’t have a good explanation for it other than it’s not bluegrass. There’s some fun songs, some heartbreak songs…and of course being a dad now, too, that works its way in there. I’m really proud of it. I think we developed a cool sound.”

Dierks is currently headlining the Jaegermeister Country Tour and anyone who’s seen him in concert knows he gives it his all every night onstage. He tellsBillboard for that reason, he’s not able to record the vocals for the record. “I might have to wait a little longer to make sure I have exactly the best possible vocals I can put on.”

Waiting until the tour is over means the CD might not be released until the fall. Until then, fans will have to be content with “Am I The Only One.”

“I wanted to have something out there for the summertime, and this just felt like the right song for that,” he says. “I’ve been off the radio for a while ’cause I wanted to make an album that was important to me, musically, but wasn’t as commercial [Up On The Ridge]. But now I want to be back on (radio) and I wanted my fans to hear our stuff. I just wanted to come back with a song that was fun for fans and fun for country radio and fun for us to play every night…and (‘Am I the Only One’) fits in there.”

Dierks re-teamed with producer Jon Randall Stewart for the new record and he wrote 11 of the 15 tracks himself. He hopes to put 12 or 13 on the final album.

source: gactv.com

photo credit: The Green Room PR


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