Blake Shelton: NBC can fire me!

Blake Shelton’s life just keeps getting busier. Not only is he still on his All About Tonight tour, planning to marry Miranda Lambert in a few weeks, finishing up a brand new album, and going on tour with Brad Paisley; but now he’s one of the four coaches on NBC’s brand new hit show The Voice. With all these things going does the avid hunter have any time at home?

In an interview with The Boot Blake admits he really doesn’t have any time for himself – or his wife-to-be.

“I’m telling you right now, my life is really not fun,” Blake tells The Boot. “And what sucks about it is, I do have a wedding coming up here in just a matter of weeks. Between ‘The Voice,’ and what was a big time-consuming thing: hosting the ACM Awards. Now it’s just like everything you can think of piled up at once.”

After all that, it’s no surprise that his wife-to-be, Miranda Lambert, was feeling a bit neglected.”One day Miranda finally said to me, ‘Where am I? When’s time for me?’ And it was like, ‘God, she’s right!,'” he reveals.

Blake was quick to come up with a solution, though. “I was even on a call today with my manager, and he said, ‘Man, ‘The Voice’ people called and they need you for …’ I [interrupted and] said, ‘No! They can fire me. I don’t care! I’ve got to do what’s right and spend some time with Miranda,'” he explains. “And so we’re spending almost the entire month of May just hanging out together. I mean no friends, no family, just she and I just hanging out for the good part of the month. That will be good enough for us that she’ll go back to wanting to kill me again and wishing that I would go back to work. [laughs]”

(from The Boot)

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